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In this code offer the following games are supported to be used as a gameserver:
  Beben3   Call of Duty   Call of Duty 2
  Call of Duty 4   Call of Duty United Offensive   Call of Duty World at War
  Condition Zero   Counter-Strike Classic   Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  Counter-Strike Source   Day of Defeat   Day of Defeat Source
  Enemy Territory   Enemy Territory Quake Wars   Enemy Territory Quake Wars DEMO
  Half-Life   Half-Life 2 MP   Killing Floor
  Left4Dead   Left4Dead 2   Medal of Honor: Spearhead
  OpenArena   Pirates Vikings and Knights 2   Red Orchestra
  Soldier of Fortune 2   Star Trek - Elite Force 2   Tactical Ops
  Tactical Ops Crossfire   Team Fortress 2   Team Fortress Classic
  Unreal Tournament   Unreal Tournament 2k3   Unreal Tournament 2k4

This table shows you some examples about which products can be redeemed with a code. It is sorted to show how many months you can play with how many slots for X points. For example, if you have 3600 Points you can choose to use six slots for six months prepaid or you use 12 slots for three months prepaid. Further prepaid configurations (months and slots) will be shown after you have redeemed your code.
slots 3 months 6 months 12 months 24 months
6 1800 p. 3600 p. 7200 p. 14400 p.
8 2400 p. 4800 p. 9600 p. 19200 p.
10 3000 p. 6000 p. 12000 p. 24000 p.
12 3600 p. 7200 p. 14400 p. 28800 p.
14 4200 p. 8400 p. 16800 p. 33600 p.
16 4800 p. 9600 p. 19200 p. 38400 p.
18 5400 p. 10800 p. 21600 p. 43200 p.
20 6000 p. 12000 p. 24000 p. 48000 p.
22 6600 p. 13200 p. 26400 p. 52800 p.
24 7200 p. 14400 p. 28800 p. 57600 p.
26 7800 p. 15600 p. 31200 p. 62400 p.
28 8400 p. 16800 p. 33600 p. 67200 p.
30 9000 p. 18000 p. 36000 p. 72000 p.
32 9600 p. 19200 p. 38400 p. 76800 p.

In this code offer all gameservers contain the following features:
  • (PLUS) Twice the slots for your Mumble voiceserver compared to the slots of your gameserver
  • (PLUS) 500MB Fastdownload space for your maps, sounds and more
  • Lagfree powerplay guaranteed
  • Full access via FTP or Rcon
  • Tickrate 100 on all HL²(Source engine) based games possible for free
  • The branding "by" must be set in the hostname variable
  • Whether Publicserver or Passwordserver, you can set a passwort or delete it whenever you want

Order progress and activation of your gameserver
  1. Enter the code.
  2. (PREMIUM) In addition to your base product you will get the chance to alter the code. See the page after entering the code for the possible choices.
  3. You need to enter 100% correct information for the order.
  4. After placing your order you will receive an e-mail which contains a confirmation link. After clicking this link you will receive your contract to the same address.
  5. Check the contract, in particular if the code has been used. You can see this if a payment in advance is noted.
  6. Sign the contract and add the necessary copy of your id card. The copy has to be good for reading. We need the front and the back side.

Direct buy, which benefits do I get and how does it work (as a customer):
  • Unfortunately high shortfalls of payment from 10% to 25% got normal. In a trade costing this has to be considered and means: The honest customer has to pay more! With a direct buy of G2G-Points and hence prepayment, this post is not applicable. This advantage we give out to you by 100%.
  • Thanks to your contribution another calculation point will be minimized. Resources for the data center can be pre-planned very efficiently. Therefore we are able to give this price advantage to all customers
  • In addition to this savings we can reduce all of our administration costs to a fair minimum.
  • With G2G-Points (PREMIUM) it is possible to activate a predefined product but you can also choose between different alternatives.

  • Requests of merchants or private large customers starting with an order size of € 500,- or at least five codes per order can mail us at "info [at] go2gameserver [dot] net"
  • Private large customers: Please send a good readable copy of your id card (front and back).
  • Merchants: Please send us the commercial necessary documents by email, fax or mail (Certificate of registration, trading licence and a good readable copy of the CEO's or owner's id card).

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